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Bluebottle (Calliphora vicina)

Animalia ArthropodaInsectaDipteraCalliphoridaeCalliphoraC. vicina

Even though there are only a few similar species of these big black and blue flies, they are rather difficult to tell apart based on a quick glimpse with a naked eye. Therefore most people simply use the name Blue Bottle regardless of exact identification of a specific species. Actually in most insect guides Calliphora vomitoria is shown as the best example of a bluebottle. But chances are you'll never get to see it because it has become rather rare. The most common bluebottle in gardens is Calliphora vicina. The main differences between these two similar Calliphora species are:
- Calliphora vicina - reddish cheeks, grayish hair under the cheeks (the 'beard'), light colour of basicosta (= the segment at the base of the wing)
- Calliphora vomitoria - grayish cheeks, striking gold-yellow 'beard', dark coloured basicosta

The Bluebottle deposits its eggs in rotting meat. The eggs often hatch instantly.
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