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1 Why this website?

In a way Gardensafari website started unintentionally when my all time passion for photography and nature and my curiosity about web technology juxtaposed one day. The origins of the website date back to 1997. This is when I published the very first webpage showing about 20-30 photographs of fauna from my analogue photo collection. At that time I just experimented with programming in html and it was not my intention to achieve any serious and lasting results.
My photo equipment in those days was my trusty Nikon FA with a couple of Nikkor MF lenses. For macros I was using microNikkor 200mm with the extension rings. For telephotography, especially for capturing birds, I was using Nikon reflex 500mm and (again) microNikkor 200mm. Slowly the number of photographs was increasing and Gardensafari friends (like Hans Arentsen and also others mentiond below ) got engaged with helping to identify the species in my photographs and with writing articles on animals incorporated into the website.

The year 2000 was a significant milestone for Gardensafari. In that year I bought my first digital camera, Nikon CoolPix990. I explicitly selected Nikon CoolPix990 for its - in those days - revolutionary macro features and superb quality of images. I really liked this camera as a macro photography tool. The swivel mechanism on this Coolpix, where the lens and the LCD camera sections can be rotated independently, proved to be tremendously useful for close-ups. This feature helps to operate the Coolpix at otherwise impossible places and angles and to approach the subject as close as an inch or two. (Regretfully, Nikon discontinued producing the swivel mechanism cameras altogether.) The number of macro photos I was taking with this camera and I published on the website grew dazzlingly fast.
In 2001 got registered as an internet domain and by that time the website had already counted about 50 pages with photographs and short descriptions of the species. The number of Gardensafari users and fans has been gradually growing ever since. I'm happy to hear that after all these years many of you are still sticking to this 'wild' corner of the web and that new visitors from all over the world discover and use it every single day.
Nowadays Gardensafari consist of well over a thousand of different species described on over 1500 webpages in two languages, Dutch and English. It is illustrated with many many thousands of photographs.

My main photo equipment for macros these days is Nikon DSLR D300 with a couple of Nikon micro lenses. My trusty CoolPix 990 still works after over 12 years of serving me perfectly well. The camera body looks slightly battered with scratches here and there and the image sizes are not up to current requitements any more. Therefore I have added the Nikon Coolpix P7100 to my camera collection. I use the Coolpix P7100 on occasions when I do not want to lug my 'huge' Nikon DSLR.
The elder photographs on were taken with a film camera Nikon FA and with the digital Nikon Coolpix 990 and D100. More recent photographs have been taken with the Nikon D300 and Coolpix P7100.

The creation and the maintenance of Gardensafari as it is today took literally years and years of tedious work. My intention is to continue it as long as you - Gardensafari's fans, faithful friends and all new visitors - are interested in it.

Hania Berdys, December 2012

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2 Photographs

All the photos on this website were taken of the species that were really in my gardens and houses or in direct surrondings from my home locations. There are just a few exceptions here and there on occasions when I use them for comparison purposes or in case of remarkable photos put in the 'Photo Of The Month' section. The photos taken elsewhere are marked as such in the photo descrtiption. Within the period of taking fauna pictures shown on Gardensafari I have moved twice and the gardens have been of different types and sizes: a suburban very small garden, a countryside huge one on the edge of a forest and, finally, to my current terras/balcony garden in miniature. These current more urban surroundings (though located directly by an old park) are full of various creatures, especially many kinds of beetles, bugs, flies, birds, moths can be spotted daily. You can see that interesting species can be found literally everywhere, even in the corner of your small balcony or by your front door.
I own copyrights to all the photographs here. Please don't use any picture without asking my explicit permission to do so.
All my pictures are available for publication. You can contact me for prices and conditions.

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3 My photography pages

Besides my fascination with garden wildlife and capturing it I also like to travel and to hike. And of course I usualy take my cameras wherever I go which results in my colletions of travel and landscape photography. Every now and then you can see me experiment with all kinds of vintage cameras as well.
There is a separate section on Gardensafari website devoted to photography topics other than the pictures of garden fauna.

Click here to be taken to Hania's Photo Gallery.

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4 Gardensafari's nuts and bolts

In the past this website had been maintained using Note Tab Light. Nowadays my main tools are unix shell scripts with 'sed', 'awk' as extremely versatile tools when editing many hundreds html files in a split of second. For little fixes I use jEdit. I test the results with FireFox and - if I have time - also on Safari and Internet Explorer. The pages can be viewed on most monitors, using a display of 800 x 600 or up. Frames are not used, javascripts are. All pictures are in .jpg format, so no problems there. The sounds on the bird pages are in compressed wave and can be made audible by any wav/mp3 player, such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player or by using Real Audio. All modern layout pages have a graphical menu bar at the top, a textual menu at the left side and a search engine to make navigation easy for you.

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5 Support Gardensafari / Steun Gardensafari

If you like this site, making a donation through this button will encourage Hania to keep adding useful information and keep this website running. This is a secure payment by PayPal for which no PayPal account is required.

Thank you!

Mocht u mij wilen helpen deze website in de lucht te houden door middel van een donatie, gebruik dan de onderstaande button. Dit is een beveiligde betaling via PayPal. Hiervoor is geen PayPal account nodig.


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6 Picture of the month

In August 2005 Gardensafari introduced its 'Photo of the Month' in both English and Dutch main pages as well as on the search result pages and of course here:

For the archive of all Photos of the Month go to this link

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7 Gardensafari Links

    English links / engelse links

  • Hania's Photo Gallery. Besides chasing the garden fauna I also aim my cameras at many other subjects. My photo gallery shows a selection of my travel photography from all over the world, landscapes and experiments with vintage cameras.
  • Another goldmine of information about various creatures great and small is Naturespot . Its about the wildlife and wild places of Leicestershire and Rutland but the content of the website is very much relevant to other areas of the UK and Western Europe.
  • Keith Edkins' insect photography by Keith Edkins, Cambridge, UK.
  • A small wildlife garden by Roy, Bristol, UK.
  • Photomacrophotography Edwin Brosens, photography of insects, fungi, lichen and landscapes. Always busy to improve his style and view into photography, and to share this with others.
  • UK Nature, a lovely site run by an enthusiastic amateur naturalist with an ever-expanding collection of wildlife photographs that can be used as a source of reference by one and all.
  • UK garden wildlife forum, a great place to gather information & talk about Garden Wildlife.
  • Lepidoptera website, a very good source of information about European butterflies and moths
  • Highly recommended Bed 'n Breakfast for nature fans is 't Kragelhuus in Friesland. Lovely location, perfect accommodation and a warm welcome by truly friendly hosts.

    Nederlandse links / Dutch links

  • Voor vragen over allerlei beestjes en determinaties kan je stellen op de uitstekende forum van
  • Een informatieve website van een liefhebber van tuinen, Thijs de Graaf.
  • Raym`s Fotosite van een talentvolle en veelzijdige fotograaf met een goed oog voor de natuur en fauna. Op zijn website staan o.a. gratis wallpaper foto's.
  • En ja hoor, er zijn meer vrouwen die diertjes goed kunnen fotograferen. De kwaliteit van de foto's is erg hoog: Hedwig Reunes uit België.
  • Website over libellen van De Vlinderstichting: 'Libellennet'.
  • Een perfect Bed 'n Breakfast adresje voor de natuurliefhebbers en rustzoekers is 't Kragelhuus. Privacy, rust, gemoedelijkheid , ontspanning en veel natuurschoon in en rondom het Drents Friese Woud en de Lendevallei.
  • Eindelijk lekkere groente gevonden bij de bio zelfoogsttuin De Nieuwe Akker tussen Schalkhaar en Deventer. Wat je eet, oogst je zelf!
  • Bezoek ook Hania's Photo Gallery want er is meer tussen hemel en aarde dan de beestjes in de tuin. Hier vindt jij onder meer foto's uit China, USA, Maleisië en andere bestemmingen over de hele wereld, landschap-fotografie en experimenten met vintage cameras.

    German links / Deutsche links / duitse links

  • Eine interessante Website des Naturschutzbundes in Münster/Hessen. Dieser Naturschutzbund besteht seit 60 Jahren und er betreut mehrere Naturschutzgebiet in dieser Region. Die Website enthält sowohl die Erfolge dieser Gruppe als auch die künftigen Programme. Außerdem enthält die Website die Aktivitäten der Kindergruppe des Naturschutzbundes.

    Miscellaneous non-wildlife links

  • In-depth analysis and musings about a complex recovery process from brain injury'My Latent Self' by Annie Ricketts.

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8 Hosted Sites

Besides the GardenSafari and Hania's Photographer's Page hosts two other special pages:
Tad Taylor's. Tad Taylor's page is a long story about his sad and dangerous experiences during the World War II when he was captured and held as the prisoner of war by the Russians..

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9 Thanks

I'd like to thank all the friends of mentioned below for their invaluable help and content contributions to this site.

Pascal van Acker (B) for his help identifying some flies
Carmen Albalá Bueno (ES) for his help identifying some wasps, bees or sawflies
Joska Angyal (NL) for his help identifying some moths
Berend Aukema (NL) for his help identifying some bugs
Rob Baerselman (NL) for his help identifying some slugs and snails
Matty Berg (NL) for his help identifying some centipedes and millipedes
J. Baugnee (B) for his help identifying some bugs
Wim Bloemberg (NL) for his help identifying some aphids
Guido Bonami (B) for his help identifying some spiders
Louis Boumans (NL) for his help identifying some woodlice
Gerard Brady (GB) for his help identifying some spiders
Bert Broers (NL) for his help identifying some frogs
Bertin Broertjes (NL) for his information about various harmful insects appearing in gardens
Boris Büche (D) for his help identifying some beetles
Aleksandar Cetkovic (YU) for his help identifying some wasps, bees or sawflies the very best site for all there is to know about flies, with a wonderful informative forum
Hans van Duijnhoven (NL) for his help identifying some beetles
Keith Edkins (GB) for his help identifying some moths
Hans Ehrenhard (NL) for his help identifying a leafbeetle
Han Endt (NL) for all his help in many, many fields!
Bryan Goethals (B) for his great help in the field of spiders
John Grearson (GB) for his help identifying some sawflies
Isabelle Guerin (F) for her help identifying some moths
Hannes Günther (D) for his help identifying some bugs and his excellent site!
Arne Haybach (D) for his information on mayflies
Antoine van der Heijden (NL) for his help identifying some dragon flies
Bart van Herk (NL) for his help with the description of the Fire Bug
Hans Hillewaert (B) for his help identifying some flies
Steve Holmes (GB) for his help identifying some moths
Michael D. Hubbard (USA) for his help identifying some mayflies
Tony Irwin (UK)for his help identifying some flies
Peter Jann (CH) for his help identifying a fly
Eric Janssen (NL) for his help identifying some dragon flies
Denis Keith (F) for his help identifying some beetles
Jorgen Kienstra (NL) for his help identifying some wasps
Han Klein Schiphorst (NL) for his help identifying some moths
Frank Köhler (D) for his help identifying some beetles
Kees van der Krieke (NL) for his aid in identyfying ladybirds.
Jan Kwant (NL) for his help identifying some slugs and snails
Lidy en André de Laet-Smet (B) for their help identifying some spiders and bugs
Peter van der Linden (NL) for his help identifying our shrew
Arved Lompe (D) for his help identifying some beetles
Date Lutterop (NL) for his help in indetifying various insect groups
Andy Mitchell (GB) for his help identifying some moths
Christopher Majka (CA) for his help identifying some beetles
Otto Merkl (HU) for his help identifying some beetles
Marc Meyer (LUX) for his help identifying some moths
Tom Meijer (NL) for his help identifying some slugs and snails
Jan Muilwijk (NL) for his help identifying some beetles
Vitali Nagirnyi (EST) for his help identifying some beetles
Jinze Noordijk (NL) for his help identifying some Daddy Longlegs
Jürgen Peters (D) for his help identifying some spiders
Craig Phillips (GB) for his help identifying some beetles
G.T. Rice (USA) for his help identifying some spiders
Dr. Wolfgang Rabitsch (A) for his help identifying some bugs
Ivo Raemakers (NL) for his help identifying some bees
Willem Renema (NL) for his help identifying some flies
Hanny Reneman (NL) for her help identifying some slugs and snails
Jeroen de Rond (NL) for his help identifying some wasps and bees
Adrian Ruicanescu (RO) for his help identifying some beetles
Laurent Schott (F) for his help identifying some weevils
Victor Shilenkov (RU) for his help identifying some beetles
Aloys Staudt (D) for his help identifying some spiders
Laura en Kurt Stueber (D) for his help identifying some spiders
Dr. Andreas Taeger (D) for his help identifying some sawflies
Arie M. den Toom (NL) for his help identifying some beetles
Hans-Peter Tschorsnig (D) for his help identifying some Robber Flies
Gerrit Tyberghein (B) for his help identifying some bugs
Luc Vanhercke (B) for his help identifying some daddy-long-legs
Aidan Vey of the University of Groningen (NL) for his help with the Bibionidae
Eddy Verfaillie (B) for his help identifying some moths
Frans Vermeer (NL) for his help correctly identifying the ant lion
Heikki Virkkunen (Fin) for his help identifying some moths
Jos en Gaby Viskens (B) for their help identifying some bugs
Jan Hein Visser (NL) for his help identifying some slugs and snails
Vlinderstichting Nederland, especially Robert Ketelaar for his help identifying some dragon flies
Jeroen Voogd (NL) for his help identifying some caterpillars and moths (NL), Dutch site with an excellent forum
Bastiaan Wakkie (NL) for his help identifying some hover flies
Mike Wall (GB) for his help identifying some moths
Ruud van der Weele (NL) for his help identifying some flies
Rob Westerduijn (NL) for his help identifying some leafbeetles
Cun Wijnen (NL) for his help identifying some moths
Har Wijnen (NL) for his help with the Blackcap
Fredy de Wilde (NL) for his help identifying some moths and some dragon flies
Kees Zwakhals (NL) for his help identifying some parasitic wasps

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10 Literature list

The texts are based on general knowledge and on the following books and magazines:

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